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   Over the course of his career, Mike has worked in a variety of industries including Environmental Services, Transport, Aviation and Central Government and more recently Management Consultancy.

   Mike's experience has been focused on either reducing costs, increasing revenue, or a combination of the two. Either way, the result contributed to increasing operating profit. 

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Mike Besant

 Managing Director & Founder

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How it all started

    Mike became involved in Smart Buildings when working for Heathrow Airport, where he instigated and managed projects to deliver improvements to BMS, Lighting and Central Control Systems.

    His last project was a feasibility study for a terminal control system replacement, at £0 net cost. This would have been paid for by a Smart Buildings approach to deliver a reduction in energy usage across multiple building systems. ​

    Mike has developed Smart Building and Smart Portfolio strategies together with setting up Business Intelligence teams to create a pan organisational approach which yielded benefits from Smart Buildings.  

Birds by the Water

​Experience & Track Record

  • Smart Building Strategy development​

  • Business Intelligence​

  • Project Management​

  • Energy management​

  • Reporting & Insight​

  • Benefits tracking​

  • Fault Detection & Diagnosis​

  • BIM​

  • Digital Twining​

  • Facilities Management​

  • Estates Management​

  • Financial Reporting ​

  • Property Performance​

  • Executive MBA  ​

  • Fellow of the CMI​

  • Strategic Management ​

  • & Leadership (Level 7)​

  • Lean 6Sigma​

  • Energy Management ​

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